Valuable Contributors

Quest is nothing on its own. It’s individuals and community organizations who have made it all possible. From ceiling to floor, every corner of Quest represents a contribution from our valuable contributors, who provide products and services that increase our capacity to help others. A special thank you goes out to our Board of Directors and volunteers who generously donate their services to us every day:

  • Cobbett & Cotton Lawyers (Navina Walji)- The funding of the deliveries to our Healthy Snack elementary school participants are kindly donated by Navina Walj.
  • Fresh Direct (Albert Lum)- provides fresh produce and snacks for Quest’s Healthy Snack Program.
  • Great Little Box Company– has donated to a tune of over $115,000 to Quest: labels, packaging, storage space and marketing services.
  • Intergulf Development Group (Nabih Faris)- Over $133,000 in services have been donated to Quest through referrals from Intergulf Development Group.
  • Network Magic (David Blom)- Over $10,000 in technical expertise and service hours have been given to Quest. The implementation of our new POS and internal server would not be possible otherwise.
  • Neutron Factory Works (Rick Gibbs)- Countless healthy eating workshops and connections to valuable food suppliers have been made possible by Rick Gibbs.
  • Richmond Honda– As Quest’s official transportation sponsor, Richmond Honda provides valuable financial support and services to Quest. In addition, countless volunteer hours by staff and CEO, Peter Brasso, have been donated to Quest.
Additional contributors
  • Big K Brand
  • Digitel (phone system)
  • Eddie’s Hang-Up Display Ltd (retail supplies)
  • FleetLOCATE
  • PJ Beirne & Company Barristers and Solicitors (counsel)
  • Karyo Edelman (website design)
  • Matrix Connectivity Solutions (phone cabling, IT Systems)