Food Recovery & Redistribution

Quest Food Exchange’s program focuses on the redistribution of quality surplus food to those facing food security challenges. We partner with local community resource partners to help their clients access healthy, affordable food in a dignified manner and a safe and welcoming environment. Our program focuses on transitioning individuals from dependence to self-sufficiency.


Not-For-Profit Grocery Markets

Affordable fresh produce available at our not-for-profit markets.
Affordable fresh produce available at our not-for-profit markets.

Quest operates five not-for-profit grocery markets where clients can access food by referral (download referral form). These markets are not open to the public at large. The clients of partnering Community Resource Agencies are able to have access to healthy food at an affordable price and are empowered to make their own choices about what they purchase.

Our not-for-profit grocery markets offer food as seen in most other retail stores: fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, bread, canned goods, desserts, meat, vitamins and household items.

 Download Client Referral Form


Prepaid Market Vouchers

Purchase a Prepaid Market Voucher for someone in need and make their day!
Purchase a Prepaid Market Voucher for someone in need and make their day!

Community Resource Partners can purchase market vouchers (for use in our not-for-profit grocery markets) to distribute to their own clients. Vouchers can be purchased in different denominations to accommodate clients’ varying needs. They serve as a great substitute to emergency food hampers as clients have the ability to choose their own items, giving them the opportunity to plan meals, learn to budget and work around their dietary needs. To inquire or purchase market vouchers, please contact us.


On Line Market

Bulk food orders
Community Resource Partners  can order items in bulk to use in their own food programs.

Quest provides a wide variety of items available to order for community resource partners food programs such as community kitchens, food banks and residence programs. A Fresh Sheet of new inventory is sent out weekly to help our partnering agencies (download Partnership Agreement Form) choose their food and place their orders. By assisting those who help the most vulnerable in our communities stretch their own food budgets for their own programs, our hope is that they may have more flexibility to further serve their clients. To receive our weekly Fresh Sheet or order items, please contact the Community Development Supervisor.