Our Program

Quest Food Exchange’s program focuses on the redistribution of quality surplus food, primarily through our Not-For-Profit Grocery Market model. Our program has been created to ensure that people living on low income have access to affordable, healthy food.

Community Resource Partners may also access our program via the following:

For individuals to become a client at Quest and access our not-for-profit grocery markets:

  1. They must be either low-income, have a disability or be on old-age pension.
  2. Contact their local partnering Community Resource Partners.
  3. Have the Community Resource Partner complete a Client Referral Form.

For Community Resource Partners to become a partner of Quest and refer clients or use our program they must:

  1. Be a community service in the Lower Mainland such as a neighbourhood house, school, children’s daycare centre, hospice, mental health organization, employment training program, seniors’ centre, shelter, recovery home, church, doctors office or food bank.
  2. Complete a Partnership Group Application form.
  3. Fresh produce and more available through Quest’s program.Fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and other produce available through our food programs.