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It's nice to know that

when funds are really low, there is some place that cares about members of the community MORE than they care about prestige or profit. Thanks Quest! I haven't had to use you more than a few times, but when I did, I was so thankful. I try not to go there if I don't need to, so that others with greater needs can get what they need, when they need it.,

Vancouver, BC

I enjoy volunteering at Quest.

People there are kind and welcoming. As a volunteer, I have participated in the kitchen, doing cleanup, reorganization of the office as well as referral updates and data entry. I have learned a lot of office skills on the job and met many interesting people. It's great to be contributing in a positive way to the environment and helping financially-challenged people in the city access affordable food.

Vancouver, BC

I'm very fortunate to be able

to get groceries at Quest. The staff are always friendly. As a person on disability I visit Quest almost daily. Quest helped to ease the burden of living on a tight budget.


As a volunteer leader

of our day today I found this to be an excellent community service learning opportunity. The youth were informed, motivated and interested to learn of the good work that Quest does. Many of them expressed that they would come back and volunteer again. Thanks for helping us to have a Spring Break learning opportunity that all can benefit from.

Stacy Youth Volunteer Group

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