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How is Quest different from food banks?

There is no doubt that food banks are a valuable and necessary service in Vancouver. Our social service agency partners view Quest as a stepping stone for their clients during the transition from food bank reliance to self-sufficiency. Quest offers access to a choice of healthy, affordable food to those who face barriers to this basic necessity of life.

Does my FOODSAFE certificate expire?

As of July 29, 2013, all FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued in British Columbia have a five-year expiry date. FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued prior to July 29, 2013, are valid until July 29, 2018. To help FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate holders keep their food safety knowledge up to date, FOODSAFE will be launching an inexpensive and short FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher course. It will be offered online by Open School BC starting September 2013. The approximately three-hour refresher course will cover all the essentials of the FOODSAFE Level 1 training program. A grade of 80% must be achieved in the exam to be recertified.

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Grocery Markets (5)

What are the hours of operation for the grocery markets?

Quest has four not-for-profit grocery markets. The hours of operation are:

  • Monday & Saturday: 9am to 4:15pm
  • Tuesday – Friday: 9am to 6:15pm
  • Sunday and holidays: closed

Are Quest’s not-for-profit grocery markets open to the general public?

No. You must be referred by a social service agency. Please see our map of social service agencies we are partnered with.

Can I get a refund on something I bought at one of your grocery markets?

Talk to the grocery market manager and you may be eligible for a credit. There are no cash refunds.

How are items priced?

We survey the average price for an item from amongst several major retailers. We then offer that item at a 50-80% discount.

What methods of payment do we accept in our Grocery Markets?

Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Food and Sundries vouchers, BCEA Imprest cheques, and Quest-issued gift certificates.

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Volunteers (2)

How can I become a volunteer?

You may fill out an online volunteer application, download a copy of the individual volunteer application form, or you may stop by our 2020 Dundas Street office location (entrance located to the left of our market entrance) to pickup a copy of the volunteer application form. All paper versions of the volunteer application form may be faxed to (604) 682-3794, or delivered in person to our office location.

What kind of volunteer work is there?

Help is needed in our distribution center, markets, and office. Tasks include: inventory; sorting, lifting and unloading donations; cleaning; stocking products; repacking food; assisting market customers; data entry; answering phone calls; processing of documents and assisting with special events.

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Social Service Agencies (3)

How do I refer a client?

As a partnered or non-partnered agency representative, you must complete a Client Referral Form on your client’s behalf.

Where do I find the client referral form?

You may download the client referral form from our website.  Please click here.

I have completed the referral form for my client. What now?

Your client can drop off the form at any of our market locations where they will be issued a card. They will be able to start shopping immediately. Additionally, you can fax the completed form to the number listed on the referral form, or email it to referral@questoutreach.org. Please allow two business days for us to process a faxed or emailed form. You can then instruct your client to come to any of our four locations, present valid identification, and obtain their card, which is good for three years from the pickup date.

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Clients (6)

I’m on social assistance, am I eligible to be a Quest client?

Yes. You can get a referral from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, or consult our map of partnered social service agencies for the closest one to you.

How can I become a client, if I’m not on social assistance?

You need a referral from one of our partnered social service agencies. You can view a  map of our social service agency partners here. Alternatively, if you have a relationship with a local church, school, medical practitioner, or social service agency, you can approach them for a referral.

I have a referral from a social service agency. What now?

Bring your completed client referral form in to any one of our market locations, present identification, and obtain your card. Please DO NOT have your form faxed in to Quest.

How long is a client card valid for?

Your client card is valid for three years from the date of issue. Once it expires, you will need a new referral.

Which location can I shop at?

Once you have a client card, you are able to shop at any of our four locations.

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