Quest Welcomes The Wesley Foundation From Louisiana Tech University

Ruston, Louisiana isn’t exactly close to the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Separated by 3,974 km, one country, and nine states, it would take 37 hours of continuous driving to travel from one place to the other. An impressive journey, so you can imagine how excited we were to welcome The Wesley Foundation, all the way from the South Eastern State of Louisiana, to our Dundas Street location in Vancouver this week!

Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

As a campus ministry mission team from Louisiana Tech University, we had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with Quest Food Exchange. We heard about Quest in researching reviews about volunteering, as well as other organizations in Vancouver.

“Reduce hunger with dignity, build community, foster sustainability.” Quest’s mission statement is visible on their walls and in their words as they strive to give people back the power to make their own food choices while ensuring that those choices are informed and healthful. Their foods are quality-controlled, repackaged, and displayed on shelves, allowing customers to see their options and have the freedom in their choices.

Our team worked behind the scenes, by repackaging foods. It allowed us to see just how great of a problem food waste is and how much can be done to eliminate this problem and with the help of organizations like Quest, the problem of hunger and unhealthful living can be reduced.



Some feedback from our team members:

“Their process is super neat. I love how they re-purpose and reuse for the community. They’re mindful about the customer and the community.”

“I love the dignity part of Quest’s mission and how people can come in and treat themselves.”

“I like how friendly the employees are and how they are dedicated to caring for people and making a difference. I have enjoyed how hands on the volunteer work here is.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s cool, dawg.”


Quest’s hard work seeps into every crevice of the organization, making a welcoming environment to volunteer in. It has been a privilege in being able to serve alongside them. Quest truly is enriching the next generation.

The Wesley Foundation
Campus ministry at Louisiana Tech University

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