2017: The Impact of our Partnership

2017: The Impact of Our Partnership

  • 245,105 client visits registered at Quest’s Not-for-Profit Grocery Markets
  • Over $8,273,000 in food donations received from tremendously supportive food suppliers
  • Approximately 933 tonnes of quality surplus food and products were diverted from landfill sites
  • 250 school children in five inner city schools in the Lower Mainland were provided with healthy snacks during the school year
  • Approximately 46 tonnes of greenhouse gas equivalents prevented from entering our atmosphere
  • Volunteers generously donated over 10,544 hours to Quest operations
  • 1077 families enjoyed a wonderful holiday meal thanks to YVR’s sponsored annual hamper drive

A quote from a Quest client sums up the impact of our partnership in 2017:

“When I first started coming here I felt some shame because I was being offered something- a gift per say- and this felt out of my comfort zone. Very quickly I relaxed and realized that Quest is an amazing resource that has helped me eat healthy every day!”  Lana

2017 Partnership Impact Final

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